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Some Tips For Seniors That Help Prevent Falls


Some tips for Seniors That Help Prevent Falls

Adding Non-Slip Bath Mat to places that are slippery when wet is an easy way to 

prevent falls.


Falls are also the No. 1 cause of injuries in seniors, resulting in hip fractures, cuts, and 

even serious head and brain injuries which can have a devastating and often permanent 

impact on an elder’s physical and mental health.

And even when there’s no serious injury, a fall can still be so frightening that seniors may avoid 

certain activities because they’re afraid they’ll fall again. That’s why fall prevention starts with 

creating a safe living space.

1.      Clean up clutter.

2.      Install grab bars and handrails.

3.      Non-slip mat. Bathtubs and showers, as well as floors in kitchens, bathrooms, and porches, can 

become extremely dangerous when wet.

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