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Transfer a patient from bed to chair


First, we are going to connect the sling to the six-point spreader bar, six-point spreader bar uses the slings that have three straps or four straps on each side. First, we apply the sling very much the same way as the sling we saw in the past it's going stepping behind the patient, tucking the sling down. Next, bring the leg straps around the hips under the legs, Then we crisscross the sling in the leg area. Now the loops on these swings will also adjust the positioning of the patient.

And then we are going to connect our slings loops to the hooks, next grab our remote and raise the patient by pushing the up botton on the remote. And we raise the patient out of the chair. Then we put our patient in the bed and turn the patient slightly.

Position the patient safely over the bed. Once our patient is down on the bed, we are going to remove the sling from the patient. Once our sling bar is down bar enough that the loops are loose, just remove the six-point spreader bar straps ,take the device out of way we hold the patient over slightly and tuck the sling under the patient, take the sling off the patient back and now 

we've moved the sling and transfer a patient from a seated position to the bed.

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