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What types of patient lifting slings are available for you?


What types of patient lifting slings are available for you?

Patient lifting slings are designed to help people who have problems in moving. People who 

have disabilities or injuries, or older adults, choose to use patient lifting slings. These devices

provide several benefits to users, including more independence, reduced pain, and safety 

transfer. We provide a range of patient lifting sling to meet people's needs. Not sure which 

lifting sling would work best for your elderly loved one? Here are the 6 common types.

6 types of patient lift sling for you

1. Full body lift sling with head support

    This patient lift sling can be used with most brands and models. The full body sling offers 4

    straps to attach to the lift. Compatible with 2, 4, and 6 point lift cradles or spreader bars. Each

    size can handle a weight  capacity of up to 600lb. Great for bariatric and regular use. The full

    body slings come in two materials. One is the polyester mesh fabric, the other is full padded

    polyester fabric. Polyester mesh fabric is perfect for bathing and quick drying. Full padded 

    polyester fabric provides ultimate comfort and skin protection, durable polyester for cloth-like

    feel and high strength. Strong and durable for transfer from bed to wheelchair, recliner or 

    shower chair, or from floor to bed.


2. Padded divided leg sling

    Divided leg sling is universal and compatible with 2, 4, and 6 point lift cradles or spreader bars. For

    patients who are totally or partially dependent, bariatric (obese), non-weight bearing or have limited

    head control. Each size can handle a weight capacity of up to 600lb. Chain-free design protects 

    patients' skin and hair from getting pinched or injured in the chains. U-sling or split leg slings allow 

    for easier application, are the easieat sling type to use. There are 2 types of divided leg sling. One has

    head support, the other doesn't. They are all constructed of high-quality, fully padded fabric that forms

    a soft yet supportive surface. Ideal for transferring a patient from the bed to a chair, wheelchair, or toilet

    using your manual or electric lift.

3. Stand assist sling

    This sling is suitable for patients who have head and neck control, able to bend at the hip, knees 

    and ankles and can sit up on the edge of the bed. The sling goes around the patient's torso and

    under their arms and is only appropriate for patients who have a greater degree of weight bearing

    ability. Sit to stand slings must only be used when transferring a resident from a seated position

    and only work with sit to stand patient lift models. Sit to stand slings only have 2 connection points

    and do not work with floor style lifts that attach the slings above the patient. This sling provides 

    patients with a safe way to transfer from a seated position in and out of bed to a chair, wheelchair

    toilet or from chair to chair. The following two types of standing slings, the one on the right are made

    of padded polyester fabric and special non-slip padding under the arms and lumbar areas. The other

    also is made of padded polyester fabric, the soft-brushed lining helps prevent sliding for ultimate

    comfort and skin protection.

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