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3 essential aged care equipment & To make life easier for elderly


3 essential aged care equipment & To make easier for elderly

Time will transform us from babies into adults and our parents from adults to older men. As

the average age of the population increases, there are more and more old people to care for.

As they get older, the brain ages just like the rest of the body, facing the gradual or not so 

gradual waning of own strength. We must do the best we can for our parents and that includes

getting the best equipment possible.

That's why we'll give you a brief guide of the top 3 equipment

Bath mat

Many elderlies slipped and fell in the bathroom as they are in the shower. A good bath mat can 

control it easily and will not fall over and decrease injury risk. When choosing non-slip mats for 

the elderly, choose bright colors and easy to recognize colors, odorless rubber materials will be 

your best choices. There should be a suction cup on the back to suck on the floor tiles more firmly

to avoid shifting when stepping on and prevent slipping.

Patient slings for home use

Because for some old with stiff legs who feel difficulty in sitting down or standing up, we highly 

recommend you choose the patient lift sling. The patient lift sling makes their movement easier.

It is easy to transfer from one position to another position for the elderly, such as bed to chair, 

bed to toilet, toilet to wheelchair, reducing the burdens on their legs.


For the elderly who have limitations in mobility, they get up more often at night. It is inconvenient

to turn on the light at night, and the other is the retina of the elderly is relatively fragile and sensitive

to glare stimulation as you turn on the lights suddenly. But it's easy to stumble if you don't turn on the 

light , which is very unsafe. So, you can install a small night light in the elderly's room or aisle, the light 

is soft, it would be protected the elderly from falling.

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