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Are you still annoyed by insomnia every night?


Are you still annoyed by insomnia every night?

Peopele who slept 6 hours or less in their middle age were 30% more likely to get dementia according to

results from a UK study that lasted 25 years.

The study was started in 1985 and followed 7,959 people, starting when they were 50, for a quarter of a

century. By the end of the study, 521 of those had developed demential.

The peer-reviewed study, which was published in Nature Communications on April 20, found that those 

who slept 6 hours or fewer in their 50s, 60s, and 70s had a 30% higher risk of dementia than those who

slept 7 hours. The average age at diagnosis of dementia was 77.

Doctors recommend seven to nine hours of sleep a night. Sleep plays a crucial role in brain health, promotes

learning and memory, helps synapses reconfigure, and helps to clean the brain of toxic products.

To improve your sleep today: Make sleep a priority

Once you have a nightly goal based on the hours of sleep that you need, it is time to start planning for how to

make that a reality.

Milk is an ideal food for treating insomnia. Milk contains tryptophan, a biochemical substance that makes people

feel sleepy. It has the effect of making people sleep peacefully. In addition to the feeling of fullness and satiety 

produced by the nutrition of milk, it can also increase the hypnotic effect. Skim milk has the same effect as 

non-skimmed milk. The scientist confirmed that treatment losing sleep and the anxious sickness traditional

hot milk therapy is effective.

Get rid of the habit of eating supper before going to bed and try not to eat before going to bed. Some greasy,

spicy and irritating foods should be avoided. Exciting drinks should also be avoided, such as coffee and strong

tea. Keep a peacefull mind to fall asleep, this is also an effective method for the treatment of insomnia.

Don't think too much before going to bed. Relax your muscles, especially, do not be tense in the neck and limbs.

You can listen to smoothing music to relax your mind so that you can fall asleep more easily. Don't watch some

horrible, nervous TV series before going to bed. If mood swings are large, the quality of sleep will only become


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