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Easy medical home care with patient lift sling


Easy medical home care with patient lift sling

A patient sling in your home can be invaluable for anyone who is recovering from a serious injury or illness, lives with mobility

issues. Here at Chuangguo, we have a wide range of patient slings. These specialized patient slings come in a variety of 

styles designed to meet the unique needs of each users.

Sit-to-Stand slings are another essential thing for anyone who needs to spend an extended amount of time moving. These slings 

come in adjustable styles and can serve for toileting.

How to safely transfer a patient from their wheelchair to a bed 

Start by locking the wheels on the patient's wheelchair, then fold the sling so that the smooth side will be in contact with the patient.

Ask the patient to lean forward and tuck the sling in behind them, all the way down to the patient's tailbone.

Next, pull the leg straps along the outside of the patient's legs making sure that the straps don't catch on any part of the wheelchair. And gently raise each of the patient's legs to pull the straps underneath and over the patient's legs. Before lifting, make sure that the patient is fully inside the sling and that the straps and loops are not caught on the wheelchair.

Finally, cross the legs straps, pulling one strap through the other, and everything is all right in your lift. With the patient lifted, you can now move them easily towards the bed.

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