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Small details make a big difference


Small Details Make A big Difference

All patient lifting slings in the CG range have a safe and carefully considered design. They are characterized by exceptionally

good fit and functionality, as well as many practical, but no unnecessary, features, all details on the lifting slings are placed precisely

where they provide the most benefit, without being in the way for either the user or the caregiver.

Quality is keyword. They are made to last and to carry heavy loads for a long time.

• Durable fabrics with maximum service life.

• Strong seams, reinforced in stragegic places

• Strong edging for better wear

• All belts and fasteners are strong, safe and easy to adjust

Fabrics that are easy to care for and withstand laundering at high temperatures. We have products including a wide range of functional 

and comfortable high-quality lifting slings that are adapted for all types  of lifting and users with different needs.

The lifting slings are available in several materials and sizes ranging from XS to XXL. There are also special lifting sling models in XXL for 

extremely  large and heavy users. All of our lifting slings can be used with lifts from other manufacturers.

For more information on combinations,please consult us. 

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