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Global Medical Lifting Sling Market Growth, Trend and Forecast


Safe patient handling is one of the most important part in healthcare. Medical Lifting slings provides solution to patient lifting problems especially to disabled and neuro-muscular disease patients with immensely improved quality of care, reduced risks of patients falling while rehabilitation therapies, skin tears and bruises.

The market have been segmented based on Products, Materials, Usage type and End Users. The Segmentation on Products have been further subdivided into Transfer Slings, Standing Slings, Seating Slings, Hammock Slings, Toilet Slings, Universal Slings, Bariatric Slings, and other slings.

The Transfer Slings is one of the biggest selling and has the largest market. The segmentation on Materials have been further subdivided into Nylon, Padded, Mesh and Canvas Slings. Nylon Slings dominates the current market. Based on Usage type Disposable strings and Reusable slings are used.

Reusable slings are most widely used but market sees a growth in demand for disposable slings due to more awareness of Cross-infection. The market segmentation based on end users have been segmented into Home care, Hospital care, Elderly care and others.

The North American and European market has the largest market and is also growing at a fast pace. Asia-pacific and African market is expected to grow rapidly. However, the Lack of trained personnel for operations and difficulty in handling obese patient turns out to be a restraint in growth of this market.

Growth in Geriatic Population, increasing lifestyle disorders, neuromuscular disorders, and more government initiatives for medical lifting slings are propelling the market growth as key drivers.

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