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How to Use a Lift Sling


Degree of difficulty to use:

You can measure the degree of difficulty of using a Patient Lift Sling by the type of sling and the position of the patient. It is not really a degree of difficulty, more of a process that can require caregiver patience. 

Some slings are easier to use:

There are several styles or types of Patient Lifts. U-Slings are the most effective for transfers and toileting, but some patients cannot use a U-Sling. Patients in a supine position may not be capable of using a U-Sling and may require use of a full-body type sling.

1. Easy - Patients that can sit up, even if only a little, are best candidates for U-Slings. U-Slings are the easiest to use and the patient is not sitting on the sling once seated. Transfer to wheelchair, bed, and commode are easily accomplished with a U-style sling.

1. Side the back support behind the patient

2. Loop the leg straps around patient's leg

3. Attach straps to lift cradle.

4. Raise the patient


2. Process - We won't say it's harder to use a Full-Body style sling, let's just say it's more time consuming. It is indeed a "process" that requires caregiver patience.

1. Lay the patient to one side

2. Fold the sling in half (lengthwise)

3. Slide the folded sling under half the body

4. Roll the patient back the other direction

5. Grab the folded part and drag it to the other side

6. Roll the patient back to a supine position on their back

7. Attach the sling to the cradle

8. Slowly raise the patient

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