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Home Safety Tips for Seniors


Home Safety Tips for Seniors


Limited mobility is one of the most common issues as people get older. you may 

need to make some changes around the house to keep them happy and healthy. 

Fall prevention is a big part of improving your home for an older family member. 

If the corridor is too long and there are no handrails on both sides, it is very likely 

that there is a risk of falling. your high-pile carpet, tile floor can be a tripping hazard 

for them.


If an older adult is moving into your home, consider making changes to risky bathroom

flooring. The bathroom is too small, the large bathtub is not suitable for the elderly, it is 

easy to fall. Avoid trips, slips, and falls by using bath mat or anti-skid bathroom equipment.


Add bedrails or pull-up devices under the mattress to assist with sitting up when in bed.  

Assisting those with spinal injuries, lower extremity weakness and limited range of motion, 

the bed ladder allows individuals to incrementally rise to a seated position.

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