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Importance of Patient Lift Sling-How to use the padded u-sling with a patient lift.


Importance of patient lift sling ­­- ­How to use the padded u-sling with a patient lift

Transfer patient from a supine position in bed to chair

A patient lift sling is one of the crucial elements of a hoist as it's the one equipment that makes a patient transfer to another 

position. Make sure that you have read and understand the instruction guides for the lift before use. We sell this sling in four 

different sizes;Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Please refer to the size chart to determine which size is best for your 

patient. This sling was designed for patients that are totally or partially dependent, non-weight bearing, bariatric (obese) or 

have limited head control. This sling is constructed of a fully padded fabric that forms a soft yet supportive surface

and provides full neck and head support.

How to safely transfer a patient from bed to wheelchair?

The first step to any transfer is ensuring that you have the correct sling so be sure to check out our detailed 

sling selection guide. The first thing we are going to do is raise the bed because you don't hurt your back 

and your bed should be up to like your waist so that you are not bending over the person and make sure

the slide rails are up.

Gently lay the patient to one side and what you are going to do is fold the sling in half and slide the folded 

sling under half the body. On another side, just roll the patient back in the other direction and grab the folded 

part and drag it to the other side. And the next step, we are going to lower the bed, just to get it down

low enough to get the sling up. Make sure the sling strap loops are correctly attached to the sling bar hooks before 

lifting. Then attach the sling to the cradle and slowly raise the patient. Once we are off the bed, just take the lift away 

from the bed close to another seated position and now transfer patient to the wheelchair.

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