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Safety in every detail


Safety in every detail

There comes a time where normal slings cannot be used due to a patient or environment's unique sistuation. 

Therefore, specialized slings are designed to address those issues and to help patients continue their daily 

routines unimpeded. A standing sling is designed to assist a patient with maneuvering from a seated position 

to a relaxed standing position. It is attached to and use only with a standing lifter. This sling should only be 

used if the patient can weight bare to some extent as it relies on a certain amount of input from the patient 

for safe use. These stand assist lifters are designed for people who have some weight bearing abilities but are 

unable to perform sit to sit or sit to stand transfers independently.

The standing sling is a great option for a standing assist lift. The lifter is highly adjustable, providing a personalized 

and unique transfer based on your patient's needs.

How to use the standing sling safely?

When we place a standing assist sling on the patient. we are going to take the sling so you lean your patient 

forward, just slightly take the sling tuck it down behind the patient till the lumbar support is tounching the chair, 

bring the support strap around the patient's waist and buckle it and tighten it. So, it is nice and ensure around the 

patient's waist. Now we want to make sure that we have access to the sets of loops that are on the support vest.

The next step brings our lift up to the patient opens up the base, puts the feet on the platform,and  brings the knee 

base as close as you can to the patient's knee. If you need to, you can adjust that knee brace in and out up and down

so that it's  in the right spot on the patient's knees just is right about right there. Lock the wheels and connect the 

loops on the vest to the hooks for the set of hooks on the lift. Now  there are three sets of loops, the shorter loops 

the taller it stands somebody, the longer the loop the further away the patient is from the lift while you transferring them. 

Now the patient would place their hands on the handles, take our remote hit the up bottom and you want your patient 

lean back into the sling as much as possible during the transfer. Once we are in a comfortable position, unlock the casters 

and take the lift away from the wheelchair close to the base and now transfer the patient to another seated position.

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