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Limitation in mobility - a common problem for bariatric patients?


Limitations in mobility - a common problem for bariatric patients?

The prevalence has increased at an alarming rate, so why is obesity happening? When a 

person consumes more calories than they use as energy, their body will store the extra

calories as fat. This can lead to excess weight and obesity. Also , some types of foods are 

more likely to lead to weight gain, especially those that are high in fats and sugars.

The obesity can cause us inconvenient, to move slowly or activity was limited. To cope with 

the inconvenient of bariatrics, people need the use of assistive devices, especially when transfer

on and of the toilet or move to another position.

In the care setting, space has to be large enough to accommodate the individual, the family,

any equipment required, and the assiciated caregivers who will undertake the handling activities.

The challenges and safety concerns for the caregivers and patients are well understood, with obese

or morbidly obese people often suffering from a collection of issues. The patients need to be 

assured that they will receive safe, dignified, and respectful care, while caregivers need to know that

they will not be put at risk.

The bariatric patients who have some restricted movement should first have a quiet natural environment

because the patient is easy to upset state of mind. Besides, we should talk with patients more. The patient

lift sling provides help to the people have some restricted movement in their leg. The patient's sling transferred

safely from a bed, wheelchair, toilet, or shower, helping in reducing possible injury for both the patient and 

caregiver. It is an effective way to transfer bariatric patients.

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