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Some ways to preventing injuries in patients with reduced mobility


Some ways to preventing injuries in patients with reduced mobility

Most people who have limitations in mobility are unable to walk because of old age and 

physical aging or some kind of disease. Preventing injuries isn't just for old people. Neurological

disease and accident injury are major causes of disability worldwide.

In addition to these simple upper limb exercises, elastic bans also play a very important role 

in lower limb strength training. Especially for patients with lower-limb paralysis, lower limb sports 

injuries or surgery, and elderly people whose sense of balance is gradually decreasing, elastic bands

can be used to improve a series of problems caused by muscle loss when it is inconvenient to go to 

the gym.

We all know that inconvenience will direactly cause a signficant decrease in inactivity. Sitting for a 

long time will cause muscle strength, abnormal muscle tone, and joint contractures. If muscle strength

training is not performed, it may cause atrophy, gradual loss of mobility. Daily life needs the assistance

of others completely. The findings demonstrated that: Strength of muscles, especially power and

contraction velocity, are declined with aging. It is directly associated with loss of daily living and self-care


Frequent repositioning in bed can be made easier and safer for both patients and caregivers with the use

of appropriate patient handling aids. This may include the use of friction-reducing slide sheets and or 

patient lifts/slings.

In addition to the protection of the legs through exercises, usually wear socks with a looser sock mouth, if

the sock is too tight will affect the blood circulation, resulting in leg edema. Reducing knee wear, such as:

do not do some jumping, climbing or kneeling and so on, a series of actions. Because these movements for

the knee degenerative changes can aggravate the pathological changes.

The last, we strive to provide the best service and transfer devices for patients, if you need any assistance, we

are glad to help you.

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