Manual handling of patients can be harmful not

by:Chuangguo     2020-06-09
Moreover it is important to stress that all transfer slings should be assessed and carried out by a qualified and trained carer. Do not attempt a transfer without training as it could cause harm. The following steps will guide you towards fitting a standard sling design from a lying position. Ensure that the patient is positioned comfortably on their side (as if they are in a recovery position). Lay the sling next to them half rolled out making sure that there are no creases in it which can make the lift painful and uncomfortable for the patient When the sling is in the correct position, you can then role the patient safely on to it Make sure that the patient is supported at all times, and open the sling out fully The carer should then carefully roll the patient onto their back and position their arm at either side of themselves. You should roll them using the palm of your hand on the back of their shoulder and again with the other on the thigh above the knee Next, find the leg supported pieces which will be underneath the patients leg, and make sure that the modesty loop is correctly fitted. Repeat this process for the shoulder straps. You should also attach the appropriate length to the spreader bar. Check whether or not the patient needs head support, and if they do you should use the appropriate sling. For example the universal high sling has limited head control and therefore you should not use it for patients who require their head being supported. Before lifting, you should communicate with the patient and tell them what you intent to do. Make sure that they are reassured and understand you before you lift them. Using the guide straps you will be able to steady the patient if required. To conclude, patient slings offer a comfortable and calm way of moving a patient so that the task is easier to carry out. However, please note that these steps should only be used as a guide.
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