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Pessimistic people are more likely to suffer from Alzheimer's disease


Pessimistic people are more likely  to suffer from Alzheimer's disease

We all know that Alzheimer's disease is not unfamiliar to everyone. There are more elderly 

people suffering from this disease. It belongs to a kind of brain disease. Because the white

matter nerve fibers die, it is harder to pay attention, and memory is affected. Nerve damage

to the brain will cause the patient to be suspicious, grummy. So, who is  prone to dementia?

Statistics indicate that if he or she is an introverted kind of person who doesn't  discuss anything

with people, is more prone to Alzheimer's disease. There are also obese people, and people who

smoke and drink alcohol are more like to get the disease.

Older people perfer to stay in their homes. And because of all the neglect,  too many of older are

easy to close theirselves. They will gradually become depressed, pessimistic, and depressed. If you

maintain this mentality for a long time, you are more likely to have Alzheimer's disease. So, there's 

a need to start thinking positive thoughts to try and prevent memory loss.

How are we treating people with dementia?

Indeed, when it comes to older patients, it is normal to test calcium levels in anyone suffering from

mood change or possible Alzheimer's. For people who suffer from senile dementia, family members

must be  careful in nursing care. In general, patients with dementia will have an abnormal cognitive

function. And the patient's ability of daily living will be severely impaired. Especially for those people

more meticulous care, patient comfort. First, nutrients need to be well and evenly matched in the diet.

The patient's diet should be light and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Lifelong hobbies such as playing CARDS or doing crossword puzzles might also help protect against the 

symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Older people should also keep a good habit of learning, no matter what

they are learning, such as knitting sweaters, fitness, painting, or singing, let themselves often accept new 

thing so that brain can remain flexible. Learning new things can make life more enjoyable, and it can also

keep yourself away from Alzheimer's. And remember to keep normal social interaction.

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