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The Global Patient Lift Sling Market


Global Medical Lifting Sling Market By Product (Transfer Slings, Universal Slings, Hammock Slings, Standing Slings, Seating Slings, Toileting Slings, Bariatric Slings, 

Other Slings) Material (Nylon Slings, Padded Slings, Mesh Slings, Canvas Slings, Other Material) Usage Type(Disposable Slings, Reusable Slings) End User 

(Hospitals, Home Care Facilities, Elderly Care Facilities, Other End Users),Geography (North America, South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa)

Market Definition: Global Material Lifting Sling Market

A medical lift sling is a tool that is used to support the patient in the hospital or treatment centries during the time of their treatment. It has a hydraulic lift which is patient-

friendly as it is very easy to operate. It is made from nylon, mesh and various other components and is commercially available in the stories. It helps in restricting the 

mobility of the patient, which is very essential in the recovery process of the patients.

Applications Segment:


Nursing Home

Home Health Care

Emergency Medical Services

Long-term Acute Care Facilities

Trauma Centers


Patient Lift Sling Market Analysis by Type Segment

2 point 

4 Point 

6 Point

Key market of Regions and Countries of Patient Lift Sling

North  America


Asia Pacific

Latin America

The Middle East and Africa

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