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How important a good medical patient is?


Obesity is one of the commom diseases in the society. Generally, obesity can lead to hospitalization or the need for specialized

 care within the home or a long-term are facility. For this kind of problem, medical patient lift slings are needed to meet daily

needs. At CG healthcare, we offer specialized bariatrics medical sling designed to assist larger or obese patients and their


If you care for bariatric patients, you need the right equipment to deliver quality care and minimize safety risks to your patients

and yourself. The bariatric equipment and products we offer are manufactured from durable, high-strength materials and 

reinforced effectively to accommodate the higher weight capacity needs of bariatric patients.

Millions of people of all ages in the U.S, both male and females, are affected by obesity every day. There are various types of 

bariatric medical sling available to help people with different weights and the medical professionals in their efforts to care for

these patients. Many bariatric equipment makes their life easier.  Those patient lift sling can help these patients remain mobile

and explore much more territory.

CGRE SURECARE healthcare has product including a wide range of functional and comfortable, high-quality lifting slings that

are adapted for all types of lifting and users with different needs. The lifting slings are available in several materials and sizes 

ranging from S to XXL for extremely large and heavy users. All sling is constructed of polyester fabrics that can be used in wet

or dry environments.

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