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Which type of toileting sling is best for you?


What type of toileting sling is best for you?

Choosing the right patient lift slings will depend on understanding the needs of your condition

Whatever your needs might be. We Chuangguo stock a wide range of patient sling to meet your

needs. The patient lifts and slings are a very useful piece of medical equipment. patient lifts and 

slings are used quite often in the daily operations of many healthcare facilities. They are not only

used for people who can't walk, but they are also used to transfer patients from one place to the 


These slings are hammock style slings with commode opening in the bottom. Choose from padded

or quick-drying mesh fabrics. Universal 4-point sling will work on most patient lifts and regardless

of brand/model.

Divided leg sling and u-sling patient slings are unique for toileting and easy rremoving from the patient 

because the patient is supported from the back and underneath the thighs. With that in mind, a toileting

sling generally has a minimalist and open design that ensures excell access to clothing.

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