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Tips for using sit to stand slings and to prevent fall


Tips for using sit to stand slings and to prevent fall

The sit-to-stand transport sling is used to transfer totally or partially dependent individuals in

a seated position. The transport sling provides patients with a safe, supportive and comfortable

way to transfer from a seated position in and out of bed to a chair, wheelchair, toilet, or from

chair to chair.

How to use a standing sling

Place the strap on the patient with the tag facing upwards. Buckle the sling and adjust the strap

so the patient is secured tightly. Transport the lift directly in front of the patient and lower the

footrest. Place the slide loops on the knobs based on the patient's height and weight. Elevate

the lift with the remote-controlled system, make sure the patient leans back while being elevated.

Open the fork and lower the patient with remote control. Once the patient is seated remove

the loops and unbuckle the patient.

Falls are the second leading cause of unintentional injury deaths worldwide. Each year an estimated

684000 individuals die from falls globally of which over 80%. Adults older than 60 years of age suffer

the greatest number of fatal falls. These falls can be dangerous causing minor injuries such as cuts

and bruises or even more severe leading to fractures and head traumas. As you age your risk of falling

increases and the risk of related injuries increases with it.

How to stay safe from falls?

Utilize prevention equipment for injuries and falls

Mobility aids such as walking sticks, quad sticks, patient lift equipment, walking frames, or rollator frames.

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