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3 ways to keep fit physically for elderly


3 ways to keep fit physically for elderly

It is fast growth period that the number and the formation of the elder in China in the 21st century. The proportion of the elder in the 

total population will increase gradually. The data shows that there was 254 million people aged 60 or over nationwide at the end of 

2019, accounting for 18.1percent of the total population, and the population aged 65 or over stood at 176 million. However, the diseases

accompanied by aging people have stood out such as cardiovascular disease, cognitive disease, dental diseases and overall bone 

and joint health. Good nutrition can play a crucial role in the quality and longevity of the lifte, reducing the risk of conditions. We have

put together an informative guide featuring 3 easy ways you can adopt a healthy lifestyle.

A common problem is that many elderly people simply forget to eat. To help solve this, you could start setting alarms as gentle reminder

for key meal times or you could write down a schedule for them and place it in plain sight.

Some changes in diet

By making a few easy changes to the way you eat, you can help yourself keep a stable mood and a healthy body. People should eat more

fish,whole grains, vegetables and reduce the amount of salt and trans in their diets. Whole grains for example have numerous health benefits

including constipation relief, a common problem for many inactive elderly people. Fruits and vegetables are also essential in any diet for providing

important vitamins and minerals. Dark leafy greens such as spinach and kale, in particular, are one of the best foods for dementia patients as it is 

reported that these superfoods have high levels of antioxidants that prevent and protect any further damage to brain cells. Besides, some fruits

have promoted digest function, can be appropriately edible after dinner.

Exercise once a day

Square dancing is a common open-air fitness practice across China, with most of the participants middle-aged or eldly. When you are dancing, you

exercise all of the leg muscles. Frequent social interactions ,regular exercise, and maintaining a balanced diet can also reduce dementia risk. Exercise

is one of the key components of a healthy lifestyle. Square dancing can enhance the ability of the muscle to use oxygen and improve and lung fitness.

Also enhance physical fitness, improve immunity.

To be optimistic

Although you may be met with some resistance initially, it is important to remain as calm and as positive as possible. Thinking positiveliy is one way

of dealing with stress. How do people live when they reach the age of retirement?This is a practial problem faced by the elderly. If you don't adjust 

your mentality, you will feel bored and lonely. Only by constantly learning knowledge, you not be eliminated by the times. Though old, some older still

lived his life like a young man. They may pull out their phone, watch Tiktok, and read WeChat, which not only delighted mood but also increased self-


More than anything, people also need to spend more time with their parents so that they can have more chances to communicate with each other. 

If you require any additional advice about patient slings or how best to help the eldery with their mobility problems, then please do not hesitate to 

get in tounch and we will be happy to help.

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