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Trends on Patient Lift Slings Market


The global patient lift slings market size is expected to reach a valuation of USD 6.07 billion by 2025. It 

can exhibit a CAGR of 12.4% during the forecast period. The high risk of injuries to caregivers and support 

staff in hospitals during the transfer of patients is the primary driving force of the market. The increasing number 

of cases of parelysis, disabilities and prevalence of arthritis can push the demand for patient slings.

According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, close to 17000 spinal cord injuries occur annually. 

The spike in this number will elicit the need for slings during the forecast period. Patient lift slings are patient assistance 

devices designed to assign patients with mobility issues to be transferred from their bed to continue with their daily activities. 

This can reduce injuries to the patient and medical staff. These devices have adjustable straps, fabric loops, and metal

chains to ensure the safety of the patient.

Growing numbers of bariatric and geritric patients can propel the global patient lift slings market growth. According to the 

research, million paralysis patients reside in the US. And it has a big demand for medical devices. The global patient lift slings 

market has been segmented by product, sling shape, sling materials, usage, and end-user.

By sling shape, it is divided into full-body sling and U-shape. This can be credited to the convenience provided to caregivers 

for carrying their patients to the restroom or being comfortable and long-lasting.

By sling materials, it is segmented into nylon, polyester, padded, mesh, and others. The nylon segment can segment can generate 

revenues for the global patient lift slings market owing to being comfortable and long-lasting.

By usage, it is segmented into disposable and reusable.

By end-user, it is segmented into home care setting, hospitals, and others. Hospitals will be the biggest end-users of patient lift slings 

due to these healthcare facilities catering to a large patient pool. The rise in surgeries and grievous injuries can support the growth 

of the segment.

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