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Some tips on how to care for your patient slings


Some tips on how to care for your patient slings

We provide a wide range of high-quality, reliable patient lift slings for patient transfer. Our patient lift

slings are designed to help the person who has limitations in mobility, transfer a patient from one place

to another quickly and safely. Our slings are designed for safety and comfort and are ideal for preventing

patient strain or injury. Our slings are designed for use with every brand lift, we can meet many

different patient and hospital requirements.

Different people do have different needs.

 • Sit to stand lift sling : Suitable for users who have a greater degree of weight-bearing ability

 • Full body lift sling : Each size can handle a weight capacity of up to 600lbs., great for bariatric

and regular use.

 • Toileting sling : Offers a wide opening which their specific needs such as toileting access.

Some tips you have to know

 • The patient lift slings are for personal use, do not share slings between patients unless slings are 

properly washed and disinfected.

 • Each sling just for air dry only, do not machine dry.

 • Bleach and iron may cause damage to patient slings.

 • Throw away used disposable slings.

 • Using the wrong sling or attaching the sling incorrectly may cause serious injury to the caregivers or


 • Do not exceed the maximum weight capacity of either the sling or the patient lift. Inspect Patient Slings

before each use. Bleached, torn, cut, frayed or broken slings are unsafe and could result in injury. Discard

immediately. Do not alter slings.

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