How long can hoyer lift sling be used?
Our hoyer lift enjoys longer lifespan than other similar products in the marketplace. Processed by specialist technicians and innovative technologies, the quality of the product can be well guaranteed. During the warranty period, you could also contact our staff that are professional in solving any questions for you at any moment.

Gongguan Chuangguo Daily Products Co.,Ltd. has been a qualified manufacturer in China specializing in the development, production, and sales of patient sling. The patient lift sling series has become a hot product of Chuangguo Daily Products. It is clear that with the feature of patient sling, our patient lift sling will attract more attention than before. Its strong Polyester webbing features reinforced stitching for exceptional durability and security. The product is widely used in electronic products in modern society. People can easily find that it's frequently used in their daily life. Designed ergonomically, it provides great convenience and comfort for users.

Chuangguo Daily Products will use both cutting-edge technology and first class service to consolidate the leading position in the industry. Please contact.
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