Residential Lifts are designed for the disabled

by:Chuangguo     2020-06-09
The Stair Chair Lift is a safe and reliable solution for those individuals who have difficulty managing stairs. It is quiet, comfortable and very easy to use. The track for the lift is installed on the stairs and then the user sits on the seat that is mounted on a base that travels up and down the length of the staircase. Another solution may be a Ceiling Lift. It is the most seamless patient transfer solution available. A ceiling track is installed and then a hoist is mounted that allows for a person in a sling to move along the track. There are two types of ceiling lifts to choose from. The permanent lift that remains on the track all time and the portable lift that can be taken down from the track and moved to another site within the home. An Inclined Lift is another choice. It will carry a person in a wheelchair or scooter on a platform along a stairway. Since it usually occupies the entire width of a stairway, this decision should be based on the space available. The easiest solution is to install a mobility ramp. There are a number of sturdy, lightweight, modular or portable ramp systems available for you to choose. Residential lifts can definitely provide solutions for your home that will increase safety and the ability to live independently. But before purchasing a lift, an in-depth evaluation of the user's physical abilities, caregiver situation and environment should be made.
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